Edgerton, Melissa L.

  1. Christe S, Shih A, Rodriguez M, Gregory K, Cramer A, Edgerton M, Gaskin J, O'Connor B, Sobey A. SOLAR ASPECT SYSTEM FOR THE HEROES MISSION. In: Aerospace Conference, 2014 IEEE. Aerospace Conference, 2014 IEEE; MARCH 2014; 2014. p. 1-9.
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  2. Christe S, Shih A, Rodriguez M, Cramer A, Gregory K, Edgerton M, Gaskin J, Wilson-Hodge C, Apple J, Chavis K, Jackson A, Smith L, Dietz K, O'Connor B, Sobey A, Koehler H, Ramsey B. HIGH ENERGY REPLICATED OPTICS TO EXPLORE THE SUN MISSION: A HARD X-RAY BALLOON-BORNE TELESCOPE. In: SOLAR PHYSICS AND SPACE WEATHER INSTRUMENTATION V. Conference on Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation V; AUG 25-26, 2013; San Diego, CA. 2013. p. 13.
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  3. Pasquale B, Brasunas J, Hagopian J, Gong Q, Mamakos W, Edgerton M, Bly V. OPTICAL DESIGN FOR THE COMPOSITE INFRARED SPECTROMETER LITE (CIRS-LITE). In: INTERNATIONAL OPTICAL DESIGN CONFERENCE 2010. Conference on International Optical Design; JUN 13-17, 2010; Jackson Hole, WY. 2010. p. 9.
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