Lewis, Ruthan

  1. Rucker M, Jefferies S, Mary N, Howe A, Watson J, Howard R, Lewis R. MARS SURFACE TUNNEL ELEMENT CONCEPT. In: 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference. 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference; MARCH 2016; 2016. p. 1-12.
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  2. Milam M, Lewis R. UNPRESSURIZED CARGO ORION A LAUNCH OPPORTUNITIES FOR LUNAR MISSIONS. In: Joint Annual Meeting of LEAG-ICEUM-SRR (LPI Contribution No. 1446). Joint Annual Meeting of LEAG-ICEUM-SRR; 28-31 Oct. 2008; Cape Canaveral, FL, USA. 2009.
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  3. Lewis R, Micheels K, Dankewicz C. MAKING OF A LUNAR OUTPOST - EXPLORING A FUTURE CASE STUDY. In: Space Technology and Applications International Forum - STAIF 2007. Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF-2007); FEB 11-15, 2007; Albuquerque, NM. 2007. p. 703-710.
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