About the OCKO Case Study Collection

About the OCKO Case Study Collection

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The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO) at the Goddard Space Flight Center has developed a collection of case studies to enhance learning at workshops, training, retreats and conferences.

Who Can Use the Cases in this Collection?

The primary audiences for this collection are course designers and instructors who are developing courses for NASA employees, as well as academics interested in using NASA cases in their classes.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is best understood as a narrative, based on actual events, that creates an opportunity for conversation, problem analysis, and virtual decision-making about a particular project or issue. To learn more about how case studies are developed, read the Case Study Methodology document. An effective case study transfers specific knowledge by placing the student or workshop participant in a position to think through choices faced by decision makers in real-life situations. By confronting actual scenarios, participants develop and refine analytical skills for solving similar problems in their own projects.

Teaching Notes for Instructors

Most cases made publically available in this repository have an accompanying “Teaching Note.” The Teaching Notes --available upon request from the Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer-- are meant to assist instructors and professors in integrating the cases within their classes.

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